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ECHOPPE is not a place where you can send your old clothes that you don't want anymore in order to be used by the" poor Africans", nor does it take table scraps.  ECHOPPE needs people- thinking people- who are willing to take on challenges and think in other forms.  Fair trade, be it in the north or the south is necessary.  To continue making ECHOPPE happen and other ECHOPPEs like it, we need investors, donors, volunteers.  We need people who want to invest their savings in funds that will provide loans to more women.  They will still be your savings, but instead of being invested in the stock exchange or investment funds that finance cutting salaries and sending business to far off worlds where prices are low cost, your savings will be invested in the fund that loans to others.  Like many of the ECHOPPE women, you too can invest your savings to make others projects come alive.


ECHOPPE needs donors too.  To change things we have to pay salaries, organize trainings.  Although we are succeeding more and more in paying social workers through the interests gained in the small loans, we still need those who are willing to give to make the innovations happen, to analyze and to evaluate what is happening; to train.  Your gift helps change the world.


ECHOPPE also needs you to talk about us, share us with your friends and neighbors.  We are a small institution, but think big like the little train that could.  We are willing to come into your homes and churches and share our story.  We can organize sometimes for certain staff or beneficiairies to tour and share their stories.  The sky and our imaginations are the limits to the changes that we can accomplish.


Please join us on this journey; a journey of hope and change.  People talk about and fight immigration, but when we cultivate hope in far away places, people prefer staying with their families, rather than risking their lives to escape to "the north".  It is when hope is denied that people have few options but to leave their homes.




2070 South Mosher Road

Columbia City, Indiana


Vous pouvez nous aider! Contactez-nous!


You can help! Contact us!

02 Bp 222 53

49022 Angers Cedex 02 France

Téléphone :(011)33- 241718556



2070 South Mosher Road

Columbia City, Indiana  46725

tel:  1-260-244-7046



For those who have PayPal accounts, you may make contributions to ECHOPPE via this site, rubrique:  "take action" 


Many thanks!!!