Women leaders begin ECHOPPE in Central Africa:  a real battle begins.


In 2010, Beverly Ott was invited by the African Regional Services of the US Embassy to speak to Central African women leaders on the subject of entrepreneurship. These women were so intrigued by the success of ECHOPPE in Togo that they raised enough funds to spend a week with the ECHOPPE-Togo program to learn about the function of the loans and the leadership of the women: the social secret of ECHOPPE. Upon their return to Central Africa, they began ECHOPPE-Centrafrique. Unfortunately, shortly after the creation of their structure, the country fell subject to the immense political upheaval but  they have continued working together; Christian and Muslim alike, in an effort to unite populations and prepare for a better tomorrow. The women have joined the local bishops in calling for peace and working to support local populations in the most horrendous situations.


The progress in Central Africa is not credited to Beverly and Olivier, but the women leaders themselves. ECHOPPE France has sent some logistical funding: a computer, camera, funds for meetings and telephones, but the women continue working locally with small groups as well as searching for other programs to help promote a community of solidarity. 


Since this action began, war also has touched the country and it is difficult for people to rise up and act.  Women have continued, but ECHOPPE's participation had to stop after the violence began.  There was no way to follow-up in support of activities begun there.  


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