Our Vision

  • ECHOPPE recognizes the intrinsic value of each person in an effort to build a community that preserves the integrity and the dignity of each individual.

    Today, more than one-third of the world’s population is affected by the harsh realities of poverty. If we do not strengthen the meaning of brotherhood and humanity, then the cycle of poverty will continue to exist and inevitably continue to increase. By acting directly against the causes of poverty, ECHOPPE as an organization promotes peace and international solidarity. However, this mission of solidarity is a global engagement that demands individual initiatives. We all live on the same planet and are engaged in the same destiny, but to ensure solidarity for everyone, we must take responsibility for each other. International solidarity cannot be achieved if we are content with the solidarity that only stays within our families or our church groups. The first step to ensuring international solidarity is to share our resources; the resources produced by the planet that we all share.


  • ECHOPPE aims to foster the conditions that create individual initiative, local collective dynamics, and active partnerships. These forms of collective initiatives promote and ensure international solidarity. The action against poverty and the engagement for international solidarity cannot be reduced to a single charity or any form of unilateral assistance. By observing the social perspective and the ways in which communities function together, we can conclude that economic initiatives and social empowerment are always at the heart of the individuals, their projects, and their capabilities. No amount of aid can serve as a substitution for these dynamics, but must act as a stimulant to reinforce when the surrounding environment prevents collective action.



  • The world is capable of change, but that change must begin with each individual. We can become a source of growth and emancipation for each individual if we all act to cultivate a small piece of our own lives. Misery and injustice will no longer be considered fatalities once we decide to act and join in collective efforts. The role of ECHOPPE is to serve as a tool to support our engagements and our initiatives.



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