Social Insertion via Economic Integration

Neighborhood meetings allow women to meet and talk about problems common to all.

ECHOPPE today has three particular focuses in its work in West Africa: Micro loans with women in urban areas, the Town and Country Program connecting farmers (men and women) and market vendors in order that both can profit from locally grown produce and improved economics and finally, a focus on ways of improving village life by finding alternative forms of energy.


ECHOPPE also has a project in The Central African Republic started by local women leaders in Bangui.


The aim of these projects is to respond to the base causes of poverty in order to find long term solutions.  Working with people in the country, making local life viable, limits rural exodus and migration to other countries.  Improved life situations provides hope for people and limits extremist propositions that often produce violent outcomes.



Small loans help small businesses and create independence
Farmers and women work together to improve farming methods and find outlets for production: Africa feeds Africa.
Women leaders from Central Africa visited ECHOPPE and returned home to create similar programs in their country.

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